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9:47pm 07-11-2017
wishing you nice and safe travelling all the time my dear
12:42pm 06-25-2017
Sonia Teppa
Guao !!! Amigos
Que hermosas Fotos !!!

Y el Bebe.... Precioso !!!

Muchas felicitaciones por el niño.

Es una gran Bendición tener un Hijo.

Como me gustaría hacer los viajes que ustedes disfrutan, me encanta viajar, sobre todo me hubiese gustado mucho haber conocido la tierra de mis abuelos, Torino de Italia.. ... pero... la situación de mi País ya es muy difícil..

Abrazotes e infinitas bendiciones... Sonia
7:24pm 06-23-2017
Complimenti! Da tanto seguo i vostri viaggi e mi fate compagnia con le vostre avventure...ora che siete in 3...ancora più fantastico! I bimbi non sono un peso,ma una grande gioia. aspetto la prossima avventura !
5:20pm 05-13-2017
Ciao Pilly,
hai colto proprio nel segno.... ci stiamo lavorando alla sezione bimbi in viaggio! Continua a seguirci!

Mark and Stefy
10:53am 05-06-2017
Complimenti! Adesso con la bimba sara' ancora piu bello viaggiare! Metterete una sezione con baby viaggi?
5:49pm 04-25-2017
Ciao! Sono arrivata sul vostro blog per caso, dopo aver visto un vostro commento ad un post su fb di una amica.
Complimenti! Ben fatto! Ci tornerò con calma per ispirazioni per i prossimi viaggi. Questa estate ci aspetta la California e i parchi dove ho visto che siete già stati.
Complimenti ancora. Danila
6:48pm 03-01-2017
Hi guys
I am visiting PNG and found your blog - wow, looks amazing - thanks so much for sharing such a raw account of the country! Your blog is awesome

Do you have the contact details of your guardian angel guide, Caspar? I'd love to speak to him about arranging a similar trip.

Thanks so much!

Josh and Katie
(UK but currently traveling the Philippines)
1:09pm 12-28-2016
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10:59am 12-10-2016
Semplicemente Fantastici!!!Ho messo il vostro sito tra i leggerò spesso e chissà non ci sia la possibilità di conoscerci un giorno in qualche viaggio di Avventure nel Mondo.
3:52am 11-05-2016
Talofa from Samoa
I can tell you Mark this is beautiful
I wish one day you guys can come over to my Beautiful Samoa nhi Tuvalu for a visit this is fantastc
hope one day I will explore the world too alofa atu from Samoa
9:56pm 10-30-2016

I've just seen your webpage. Amazing stories, pics and places you have visited. Maybe one day we will go somewhere together?

I'm a traveller too, Visit111 at Facebook
See you somewhere in the world..
6:24pm 09-10-2016
This is great website QU
6:23pm 09-10-2016
Swiming is the best exercise in summer and running in winter
9:50am 08-16-2016
Sevil Suleymanova
U guys are inspiration for me.Keep going,lots of love from Azerbaijan
5:49pm 07-20-2016
Elizabeth van Tilbor
Just a message to say I really love to follow your travels on your website. You both are really inspiring! You have seen so much of the world!
Just wondering; are you alway traveling independently? I was reading about Ghana/Togo/Benin, and it looked like you travelled with a group. Not sure about this. How is traveling in those countries? I'm really curious about Ghana and Benin!

Really funny too. You both remind me of my 2 friends in Italy. They both love to travel, both from Italy (I'm from The Netherlands, and met on of them along the way) And they are from Cesena, like you guys do!
This summer we are gonna visit Cesena to meet our friends. We have been there before.
Any recommendation what to see around this place?
Any recommendations for the Dolomites?

And congratulations with your pregnant wife! I hope both baby and mother are feeling fine.
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