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7:39pm 02-04-2016
Poza & Gecko
Hi dear friends, our plans for this year changed a bit, like : 10.02 - 17.02.2016 Lissabon ( Portugal ) ; 17.03 - 21.03.2016 Stockholm ( Sweden ) ; 18.05 - 30.06.2016 ( Iceland + Greenland ) ; 15.09 - 06.10.2016 Crete ( Greece ) and that's about it...
Next year, 2017, will look like 2015...I mean, we'll know when we leave, but nobody knows when we'll be back. It's gonna be Africa...I'm busy with it already...crazy people, huh ?
8:27pm 01-10-2016
HANKS so much for the link to your website! I did checked it out what a great idea to share with the world all your travel adventures & experiences! It's very informative and good guidelines for future travelers to these beautiful countries. You are both so brave and so lucky to have each other to travel and experience the amazing adventures! Such a lovely couple and I wish you both the best for this New Year 2016 & Beyond! Thanks for the Facebook link I will be sure to add you both. I love travelling but I haven't travelled for 2 years as I'm helping my parents, but the island is getting a little small and confined so this year will be the year for me to make a trip to visit my sister in Switzerland and visit a friend in France hopefully do an european tour as well *FINGERS CROSSED * Maybe we can all meet up if we are not too far apart! Always a pleasure to meet travellers and learn about cultures and experiences!
Happy And Safe Travels to you both and little one!
10:33pm 01-01-2016
What a fukin gipsy u are!
5:00pm 11-28-2015
Romana & Fabian
Many many thanks for your recommendation to get Caspar as guide for PNG!
We have had an amazing time in the highlands.
Amongst other things we lived together with the Omo Masalai Sing Sing Group for a few days and it was awesome.
We were amazed by the hospitality and friendlyness of all the people over there. And to give something great back and to support the villagers, we started, after talking to Caspar, a fundraising campaign for Mindima, the village of the Omo Masalai.
Perhaps you can share this URL on your social media to reach more people, if you want? that would be great =) we uploaded some of our pictures there, have a loook at it. there´s also a description in english.
Best regards from germany

Romana & Fabian
2:15pm 10-18-2015
Franco Lana
Gran bel sito di viaggi! La cosa che apprezzo maggiormente, è come si pongono i due viaggiatori. Sempre, con rispetto e amicizia, in ogni località visitata di questo meraviglioso pianeta, troppe volte maltrattato.
4:47pm 10-15-2015
Arishaba Enoth K
I have just visited your profile
arishaba enoth k: and I loved the way you do things.. born2travel
7:12pm 10-10-2015
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11:38pm 09-26-2015
Zoilo Gonzalez
Saludos Mark y Stefy, que felicitarlos por sus viajes y todo el conocimiento que se adquiere al conocer tanta variedad de culturas, les deseo el mayor de los éxitos, aqui en Venezuela estamos a su orden si disiden visitarla algún dia, yo soy español de las Islas Canarias Exactamente de Tenerife pero me quede enganchado aqui en este país, en estos momentos llevo un proyecto culinario por medio de mi iNstituto de cocina y a través de le hemos hecho algunos intercambios con otros países de sabores y saberes. por lo tanto les repito si necesitan laguna informacion estamos a su orden. un abrazo desde el Oriente Venezolano para ustedes y admiro su blog al igual que a ustedes.
10:52am 08-20-2015
Rossella Ciacchi
Non ho mai pensato di spingermi fino in Kosovo! !!Però il Montenegro ho avuto il piacere e la gioia di visitarlo,scoprendo generosità e tanta disponibilità,oltre a paesaggi meravigliosi! !
7:33pm 08-17-2015
Thanks for taking me along with your on your epic journey. Very pleased you saw so much of East Africa and what she has to offer. I enjoyed the photographs and the narrative too.
3:28pm 08-07-2015
I have something for you to think about ...the title might sound like :

- English : Born to travel it ( 'it' stands for the world ); no dot's..your site without dot's...
- Italian : Nato a percorrerla ( if it's right, I don't know...Google did it ! )

Think about...when you have time and feel like it...
10:45pm 07-16-2015
Poza & Gecko
We are jealous. We try as hard as we can to see the world, not all of it, of course.
But what you saw, we're positive, we cannot. We know it.
Our respect for your 'work' !
We have plans, too : 2016 - Greenland & Iceland, december 2016 we leave for 3-4 months for Malaysia; these destinations are decided already. 2017 - Turkey, Libanon & Iran...and if we are in Turkey, we might add Armenia & Georgia.

Your site is a pleasure. I know now where I have to look if I get a travel-blues...and the video ? well, it's stored in a special folder...reason: to find it immediately.
Happy to 'meet' you, happy to have found people being bitten by the same bug : travel.
We hope we can keep in touch with you...and share knowledge, ideas, foto's, etc.
Nice to have met you, Stefy and Mark ! And keep up your fantastic 'work' !
7:03pm 07-10-2015
Hi Mark and Stefy,

I love your travelogue. Amazing how many countries you have seen and that you return to them again? Why?

Also financially how do you manage to travel so extensively?

I have traveled a lot too but now that I will soon be divorced I am afraid that my passion will have to stop. :/

I also didn't see much of Middle East on your website. Currently many countries are unsafe but Iran is an amazing country that you are going to love. So is Jordan and the Gulf countries.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love,

11:02am 07-10-2015
ciao ragazzi bello il reportage sulla russia ,complimenti ci vediamo presto.
12:07pm 07-07-2015
Steffi Solomon
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