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9:53pm 06-28-2015
HI Mark & Stefy, its cool to know that you are coming Bangladesh. both of you visited lot of country. that made me impressed. you are so lucky. if you need any help in Dhaka city you can contact with me. i like to spend time with foreigners. i would like to give you some tips to see the real beauty of Bangladesh. you should visit following places to know our country:
Cox's Bazar (World's longest sandy beach)
St. Martin (Coral island)
Sundarban (Big mangrove forest & home of Tigers)
Ratargul (Swamp forest)
Bandarban (Hill, mountains, lakes, tracking)
Dhaka is a polluted city, so don't think that whole Bangladesh is like Dhaka.
hope both of you will enjoy Bangladesh.
7:17pm 06-13-2015
Wow... you seem to be traveled every corner of the world.
5:45pm 06-12-2015
Alessandro Vignati
Hi Mark!
I found your blog while surfing on the web and I've to make you my compliments for the travel you did and for your passiont!!

That is my passion too!!

I spent some minutes to read about Peru and Bolivia, my next trip in August!
Enjoy your next one!!

Have a nice day!

12:16pm 06-09-2015
wow its look so nice . hope you guys make a plan to travel bangladesh . and explore our country too
2:03pm 05-25-2015
Waouh Guys, Mark and Stefy, what you are doing is definitely amazing,I'm in love with your website and trips, I'm from Algeria and also planning to do some great adventure like you some day, if you wanna visit Algeria, you're definitely welcome
5:20pm 05-21-2015
Gracia's !!!!! I just view your profile a while ago i was amazed my reaction is just like wow! U have a lot of travels & you inspire people just like me. Congratulations couple!
5:19pm 05-21-2015
Hi Mark and Stefy, I checked your website and that looks so cool, I also saw your video on youtube. I realy like what've you acheaved Beleive me you made me jalous about all the places that you reached About Algeria: it's the biggest country in Africa and you need many days to viste a lot of places. In the north, we have more then 1600 Km of coast with a lots of beaches, forests and a big SAHARA (disert) in the south. I'm living in Oran, the second big city after the capital in my country, it's located in the north west side of Algeria. And to answer your question: yes of corse it's safe to travel here, you're welcome.
5:18pm 05-21-2015
Ciao Mark and Stefy, comes estas ? You are all time welcome to visit us in our beautiful contry ah sorry continent. There are everything you want to see or to experience ; sea, montain, desert ..., in plus warm people and good food. Unlike to other countries, here you need someone to help you and be all the time with you, to visit and discover the country. When we talk about safety, our level is not very too bad compared to Napoli or Rome ! You have to be careful, pickpockets are everywhere, even though les champs ellysés of Paris. If ur question about safety concerns terrorism, the government offers additional protection for tourists and expatriates. Keep me in touch if u wann really visit Algeria. I will be glad to help you. A presto il mio amico. Badi.
11:59pm 05-17-2015
complimenti !! bellissimo sito e bellissimi viaggi !! complimenti davvero!!
6:02pm 05-08-2015
Nice blog you can check mine as well
10:26pm 04-06-2015
Fawad Ali Khan Utman
I wonder how to manage travel to such a number of places, I have no enough money to continue this and second it is very difficult to get visa for some countries. The Visa process is very tough for Pakistanis.
1:28pm 03-27-2015
taouvik TONNY
i would like to invit friends here , in west africa, nice places, , i like to exchange and discuse about all,merci,
10:50am 03-23-2015
taouvik TONNY
I am Taouvik or Tonny - from Togo, in West Africa. I'm a tourist’s guide; I love to meet people and help them with their vacation plans. I am a man of tender warmth and deep feelings who enjoys discovering the nature and sharing it with others. I enjoy adventure, I like to discover new places, new friends, thank you,
12:27pm 03-18-2015
sono Stefania, una ragazza di Milano a cui piace molto girare il mondo, vedere posti nuovi. Vi ho "conosciuti" per caso ieri sera su Facebook.
Realizzate quello che è sempre stato il mio sogno di viaggio: backpack e si parte. Purtroppo io non ho conoscenze che amano questo modo di vivere il mondo; per ora sto prendendo spunto dai vostri diari di viaggio ed in futuro potrei chiedervi suggerimenti e/o unirvi a voi.

Siete fonte di ispirazione ed invidia
Vi auguro buona giornata

7:20pm 03-17-2015
Siete fantastici....che invidia!!!!!
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