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5:32pm 01-04-2015
Ciao mark e Stefy.. bel servizio in Rai.. complimenti. molte cose ci accomunano... dal nostro lavoro alle nostre passioni.. di nuovo bravi, un bel blog!!
4:40pm 01-04-2015
Vi ho visto alle Falde del Kilimangiaro, e l'unica domanda che mi viene in mente è: quale datore di lavoro vi permette tante assenze e contemporaneamente uno stipendio tale da permettervi di vivere in vacanza? ...diciamo la verità, avete famiglie benestanti.
11:40am 01-03-2015
Yu Minimbi PNG
Thank you Mark and Stefy,

Have read your article and good stuff. There are still thousand other tribes with their own cultures to see but time and money is of essence.

Best regards

Yu Minimbi PNG embassador in Fiji
7:38pm 12-21-2014
Caspar Dama PNG
Hi my friend

Please what a great great job, its hard for me to describe or say what you have done to PNG.

2:20pm 11-28-2014
I am from korea
I saw pictures that you guys took.
It was soooo good!!!!
My English is not good. So I can't write as much as I felt
Anyway sooooo gooooood
1:45am 10-31-2014
Kathleen Ashby

I've found your website through tripadvisor looking for tips on PNG. Now that I look at it though, I also remember seeing it about 2 years ago when I was first starting out on my trip, driving from the US to South America!

I hope your trip is still going well. And thank you for keeping up with your blog, it is helpful to us following the travel lifestyle!
4:55pm 10-03-2014
Jenny Leila Cowell
It was nice to meet you here in Nikko. I love your website, especially Ste's Recipe section, I will be trying some of those out. You are super adventurers. Have a great rest of your trip in Japan.
5:47pm 10-01-2014
haruhiko yokota
10:43am 08-06-2014
Ruby Lee

First of all,I'm happy to know your website and enjoyed your stories and photos.Please do share more with us constantly.

By the way,does anyone say you look quite alike Bradley Cooper whom is an American actor?haha..really handsome.

Anyway,enjoy your trip and share more.

greetings from
7:52am 07-31-2014
Ofelia Frederico
lá, pois nao consigo ver as fotos, tenho de descobrir como fazer...... tu ja conheces o mundo inteiro, é fantastico!!!
vou ver novamente. bjs
11:56am 07-03-2014
Hi Mark and Stefy,

We visit your website with lots and lots of interest and were together with Hollingsworth in Santo. It's as if we gonna sit the whole lot of time to read it as it had taken you to travel, hehehe but yeah, we enjoyed it and we'll still visit more pages yet.

Are you a website designer? Is there a possibility to come and live free in our bungalow for free for as long as you want to stay as an exchange to help us improve ours through Woodland Expedition? We want to link us to google search engine, wikipedia and tags.

We have liked seen people progressing in tourism industry as in the meantime we are still far from the knowledge how it works in global tourism industries and markets.

Let us know your thoughts. We will also take more time yet to view your website which is very very interesting to read about your trips and pictures you uploaded to keep a memorial gallery for all your friends in the world including us to see.

It's a whole lot of excellent works and efforts you seemed to have committed in travelling, researching and writing about.

We hope to hear from you again soon.

Kind regards,

8:01pm 06-20-2014
Konul Jafarova
Hi guys!

I discovered your website via couchsurfing, and i am so glad i got to know you and your trips and your webpage. All this useful information is that i am going to need for sure in planning and carrying out my future trips. So thanks for your recommendations, information and motivation! You are just GREAT!

I saw in your future plans that you are going to visit my country - Azerbaijan :-) Please, please let me know when you decide and when you are here!!! I would be glad to catch up with you, share experiences, show you around and tell some Azerbaijani stories ;-)

For now take care and have fun while travelling,

God bless you!

9:22pm 06-17-2014
Hi guys,

We have never met. I just want to say hello and thank you for the motivation you gave me. My dream was always to travel and finally after four years of struggling with school i will go to Spain like EVS volunteer. I discover your profile on couchsurfing by accident about a year ago and you showed me the path i would like to follow. Hopefully we will meet some day


8:54pm 06-10-2014
sergio Bergamo
Ciao ragazzi,

sono Sergio ho 28 anni e vivo a Bergamo con mia moglie. Sono capitato quasi per caso sul vostro sito non potevo non scrivervi!

In realtà non voglio farvi richieste particolari ma solo farvi i complimenti! Ho avuto un colpo al cuore leggendo la vostra storia perché siete proprio quello che io e mia moglie vogliamo diventare…

Più che invidiarvi, sentimento che non mi appartiene, vorrei chiedervi come avete trovato il coraggio di fare il primo passo? La nostra idea è proprio quella di viaggiare insieme e vivere a pieno vita e cultura del luogo.

Ogni posto nel mondo ha qualcosa di speciale e la vita da ufficio per me è troppo opprimente, spegne la mia creatività…

Chissà magari un giorni ci incroceremo da qualche parte J

Mi piacerebbe avere una vostra risposta.

Ciao ciao

3:19pm 06-05-2014
Hey there Mark and Stefy,

I went to your website and I liked it so much, what the two of you did with the page is just brilliant. You guys seemed like awesome people and its always been on my bucket lists to travel around the world like the two of you.

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