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2:55am 10-12-2018
Ciao, volevo chiedere come mai non trovo più il link del mio sito nella vostra pagina links. Io, il vostro link, non l'ho mai tolto. Lo trovate qui

Il mio sito è Viaggi di Alex

Cordiali saluti da Alex
11:16pm 09-12-2018
Great job
12:03pm 08-20-2018
Stunning pictures and explanation of your trip to Iran! it doable to travel with a veil? We have an 8 year old daughter and are wondering if she can just hide her hair or should the face Be hoeden as well.

All the best! Helen from Belgium
10:47pm 07-31-2018
@John Ayneijan

dear John,
how can you say something like that? I havent avoided Armenia... it's one of my future trips if you look at properly my blog
9:00pm 07-29-2018
John Aynejian
Interesting to me that you avoid Armenia, considering you seem to like and appreciate exotic locales that are not mainstream. Perhaps you are a Turkophile and hate Armenia?
5:27pm 06-03-2018
Bravissimi .... Vi invidio un pochino. Vi sto guardando adesso da Lucia Colò . Cari saluti a voi Gio
9:26am 03-03-2018
You are the best
1:33pm 01-30-2018
Hope to see you guys in Western Australia Sometime! Pay us a visit when you do
10:04pm 12-04-2017
Thanks nicktimeoff!
Of course you will see more!
Keep in following us!
5:48pm 11-25-2017
I had a look on this website and I think is great. I look forward to seeing more.
6:01pm 10-12-2017
Thank you so much dear Hamid, these messages really give us hopes and make us understand that maybe we are doing the right thing! Keep on following ud and thank you for your support
5:16pm 10-12-2017
Finding you in Instagram, i thought it could be nice to visit your website.
Backpack traveling always seems challenging since you must be ready for unpredicted events. When I saw you still do it with your kid, it temperate me to do it more and more. Learning from others experiences, taking your camera and planning to allocate time, that’s all what we want.
1:48pm 09-20-2017
bel sito, complimenti per i vostri reportage di viaggio
9:47pm 07-11-2017
emmanuel chitanda
wishing you nice and safe travelling all the time my dear
12:42pm 06-25-2017
Sonia Teppa
Guao !!! Amigos
Que hermosas Fotos !!!

Y el Bebe.... Precioso !!!

Muchas felicitaciones por el niño.

Es una gran Bendición tener un Hijo.

Como me gustaría hacer los viajes que ustedes disfrutan, me encanta viajar, sobre todo me hubiese gustado mucho haber conocido la tierra de mis abuelos, Torino de Italia.. ... pero... la situación de mi País ya es muy difícil..

Abrazotes e infinitas bendiciones... Sonia
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